14 Things I Would Do Before The World Ends Tonight

So, something has happened in England. The sky has been taken over by extremely Instagram conscious Aliens who have given it a Sepia filter. Essentially, we are all going to die. Either that or hurricane Ophelia is crazier than we thought. Whatever the reason, it has made us consider exactly what we would do before it's all too late.


1. Get my nipples out at work

2. Masturbate at work

3. Have sex with someone at work

4. Eat a Russian pie

5. Phone that guy I'm in love with and listen to the endless ringing as he doesn't pick up

6. And then eat all of Stacy's Kinder Bueno's

7. Not go to the hiit class I booked on to at 11.57pm last night 

8. Tell Janice from work I hate her

9. Take out my tampon and let my period flow freely down my leg

10. Run around naked shouting spoiler alerts about Breaking Bad

11. Go looting in Harvey Nichols

12. Then go to Liberty and re-enact the scene in Gatsby with the shirts

13. Swim in the Thames

14. Watch Mean Girls one final time


Because if I'm going, I want to go surrounded by peak Lindsay Lohan, pink Wednesdays and buttered muffins. Who's with me?

SOS guys