14 Things Every Girl Does Before A Date

Call me a baby, but I don’t think there is anything more terrifying than going on a first date. In fact, as I sit here and write this article, I can feel myself getting jittery, and my heart beginning to race ever so slightly. It’s coming up to 4.30pm. In three and a half hours time, I will be meeting my date for the first time.

While it is only now that the nerves are really beginning to kick in (honestly my palms are almost getting too sweaty to type). I have been preparing for this date from the moment we set it.

So here it is, a step by step guide to preparing for D-day that you might just find familiar.


1. Work out your hair-washing schedule for the week with military precision...

Maths problem- DATE.gif

2. And sacrifice the penultimate day before d-day to extreme grease, in order to reap the benefits of fresh hair come date day.

Clean hair DATE.gif

3. Schedule a different gym class for each day leading up to date day.

Fitness DATE.gif

4. Fail to go to any of said gym classes leading up to date day.

Gym Fail DATE.gif

5. Screenshot your date’s profile and send to your whatsapp group.

Phone DATE.gif

6. Await the results from your squad’s vicious facebook stalk.

Phone explosion DATE.gif

7. Scour ASOS for something decent to wear on your date, as you have absolutely no clothes. Not. A. Thing.

Wardrobe DATE.gif

8. Have a rant about never seeing anything you want when you need it.

Rant DATE.gif

9. Buy something (despite the fact that you are certain you will look hideous in it) purely for the slither of hope that it may in fact look nice, and that you won't have to resort back to the empty wardrobe.

hope DATE.gif

10. Realise that your delivery won’t come in time. Pay extra for next day delivery.

Money DATE.gif

11. Shave your legs for the first time in three months.

12. Debate whether the possibility of having sex is worth the time and effort it will take to shave your vagina.

Contemplating DATE.gif

13. Decide not to shave your vagina.

Not shaving DATE.gif

14. Desperately avoid getting ‘The Ick’ before you meet, or else you will have to leave the country as a means of avoiding meeting up.

Hiding DATE.gif


So I'm primped and preened, in a dress I already owned (knew that ASOS order was a dud), two G&Ts down, ready to leave the office. Wish me luck! 

I'll keep you posted 😉

Abbie Moujaes