Which Skins Character Would Make Your Perfect Boyf Based On You Star Sign

If you didn’t spend your weekends drunk in a park trying to be Skins, were you even a teenager? I don’t think there was a girl in Yr 10 that didn’t fantasise about Tony Stonem breaking into her bedroom window, or Cook laying out her ex and whisking her off through the streets of Bristol. But unfortunately not everyone can end up with Tony or Cook. Some people have to face this fact, soz. So here’s your Skins boyf based on your star sign (obvs not including the third generation cus they were shit).


Aquarius: Cook

Cooke 2.jpg


As an aquarius, you are temperamental, independant and full of grade A sass. You will fight for what you think is right, whether it is your business or not. James Cook is your man. He loves grade A anything, and is a keen fighter too. His bizarrely likeable brand of sleazy charisma is right up your street. He might be an absolute trainwreck, but you know you’ll enjoy the ride.


Pisces: Maxxie



Pisces are sensitive, artistic creatures. You are gentle, and quick to trust, which means that you have most definitely been dicked over by a fuckboy. That is why Maxxie is the man for you. He’s the deeply emotional, highly artistic, chiselled adonis you have been searching for, with moves that make you weak at the knees. The fact that he bats for the other side is only a minor concern- stable emotional support and a shared love of interpretive dance is far more important than getting laid anyway. Yeah?

Aries: Tony



The signature traits of an aries are confidence, determination and passion. You like a challenge of any form. Enter Tony. The arrogant superiority Tony holds, whilst offputting to many, sparks in you some carnal desire to rip his clothes off. Which works well for the both of you. Your impulsive nature is enough to keep him on his toes... for now.

Taurus: Tom the lecturer


As a Taurus, you are reliable, devoted and practical. Your caring nature attracts a range of sweet men, but also the occasional nause; enter Tom. Tom the lecturer is, whilst extremely annoying, essentially a sweet man. He will be devoted to you and won’t ever stray. You don’t necessarily fancy him, but you are one of the only people patient and willing enough to put up with his skin-crawlingly cringey chat. You probably aren’t happy with this result, but soz, it’s in the stars.


Gemini: Chris


Geminis are famously indecisive. You might be head over heels for a guy this week, and be neck deep in the ICK by the next week. Chris is the one to keep you on your toes. The only thing you can rely on Chris for is his ability to be inconsistent. Reckless and excited one moment, quiet and pensive the next, Chris certainly won’t be boring- perfect for your indecisive nature. And his ultimately endearing nature will reel you back in each time you start to question if he’s the one for you.



Cancer: Jim Stonem


If Cancer is your zodiac sign, then you are no doubt a highly imaginative and loyal person, which makes you the only star sign compatible with Tony’s dad Jim. Short tempered, sarcastic and highly strung, Jim may not be the man of your dreams, but your imaginative nature means you can totally pretend you are with someone else. Plus you are loyal enough to stay with him, and not be tempted away by his fit son.


Leo: Posh Kenneth

Posh Kenneth.jpg

As a Leo, you are a passionate and generous person who likes a man with an heir of mystery. You also like money. This is why posh Kenneth is your man. Flitting between his two identities of inner-city bad boy and huge posho makes him just right for a gal who likes mystery and money. Okay so he may be a bit of an embarrassment, but he is wadded, so do you really care?


Virgo: JJ


Virgos are often analytical and shy, with a strong ethic for helping others- characteristics you will also find in JJ. Your shared discomfort in social situations makes you a match made in heaven- you can both show your face at the party, then leave together to do something you actually like doing. It might be the most boring relationship in the world, but hey, you can’t have everything. And at least you won’t go through the trauma that comes of dating a bad boy.


Libra: Sid


Sid is the unlucky in love nice guy who has lost his way with a crowd of wronguns. That is until he meets you. Libras are fair-minded and forward-thinking. This means you can see the best in Sid, despite his grubby, unwashed and gormless aesthetic. Deep down, he is a sweet boy in need of guidance. You’ll be the one to make him think twice before doing ridiculous things, such as buying three ounces of weed. And perhaps introduce him to the concept of a shower.


Scorpio: Freddie


As a Scorpio, you are passionate and brave. You must also be lucky, as you have won the jackpot- Freddie. Freddie is the heart-throb every teenage gal circa 2009 dreamt of. He’s fit, has beautifully voluminous hair and is a genuinely nice guy. He’s not as boring as JJ and not as wild as Cooke, making him the perfect second generation boy. Your similar sense of passion means that your relationship is fiery and exciting. Unforts he will always hold a candle for Effie, so watch your back.


Sagittarius: The Mad Twatter

Mad Twatter.jpg

As a Sagittarius, you are a generous and intuitive person who understands the sensitivities of others. Deep down, Madison Twatter is a sweet and misunderstood guy. He is extremely sensitive, and feels self conscious at times. You caring and kind nature means you can give him the nurture he needs. In return, you’ll see his funny and spontaneous character hidden underneath. Ok, so he may be a threatening drug dealer, but you can’t deny he doesn’t have a strong work ethic.


Capricorn: Anwar


Capricorns are responsible and strong minded people, with good manners and a strong sense of tradition. This makes you very compatible with Anwar. Finding himself conflicted between religion and his personal values, Anwar is suited to someone who knows their own opinions and isn’t afraid to say them. Whilst he seems to have an obsession with sex, he’s a genuinely sweet boy, who will go at great lengths to impress you, even if its ultimately driven by his desire to bang. Plus, he’s totally the most famous one out of the crew.

So ten years after the first series aired, we can finally rest easy knowing who our perfect Skins man should be. And if you aren't happy with your chosen boyf- soz, but its written in the stars.