15 things every girl should know before travelling with her boyfriend

Ah the gap year...a year for thinking you can rock harem pants, finally getting
that ankle tattoo, and making many long-haired male friends...

But what if that time wasnโ€™t spent discovering yourself, but discovering your significant other?      

Here are fifteen things you should know before travelling with your boyfriend
for six months:

1. You will quickly become accustomed to, and even begin to look forward to daily poo talk.

2. All those big meals and โ€˜weโ€™re on holidayโ€™ desserts have to go somewhere, and you will both gain your fair share in travelling weight. This will lead to laughter and then sadness at the observation that your tummies are now the first point of contact in a hug.

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3. Competition over who gets more likes on their Instagram landscapes is both healthy and fun, especially when you win. Use of excessive hash tags is cheating.

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4. You will have to learn to compromise. My boyfriend hates sand. I wanted to be a beach goddess. Ergo we spent lots of time next to, but not on the beach... You may fare better

5. Despite these compromises, itโ€™s pretty great to have your boyfriend by your side to stroke your hair and fetch you snacks during inevitable travelling tummy episodes and hangovers.

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6. Itโ€™s also seriously exciting discovering new places together.

7. You will be particularly hairy, and they will deal with it. Because who has time to book in for a wax when youโ€™ve got cheese factories to visit and mountains to climb? Beavers are cute and furry, and you can be too.

8. Budgeting is important. Boring but true.

9. On a similar note - if neither of you are very decisive, it will cause problems. Trade your man in for a more decisive model or plan, plan, plan.

10. Silence can be your friend. Being together 24/7 for six months creates a telepathic connection that often renders words unnecessary.

11. Your Air bnb hosts may decide to take your relationship to the next step for you. Do not panic or let this give you premature cold feet.

12. On the plane home, you will debrief and agree leave out any reference to the bad things. E.g. That time you crashed into a parked car and drove away.

13. You will then create an airbrushed version of the trip together and repeat it to friends and family so many times that you begin to believe it yourself.

14. However, after all the ups and downs โ€“ if by the end of it youโ€™re closer than ever and canโ€™t imagine surviving with anyone else, then you know youโ€™re in it for the long haul.

15. And if it didnโ€™t go so well โ€“ obligatory catch-ups with friends and family means you at least have a decent excuse to be away from each other for a while...giving you ample time to scout out their new replacement on Badoo.


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