Dating Life As Told By The Simpsons

Like most children of the nineties, I learnt most of life’s important lessons through watching The Simpsons eg. family life can be dysfunctional and the permanency of death  (RIP Maud Flanders). So it is only natural that The Simpsons have helped me shed some light on the experience of dating in 2017.  

Scrolling through a questionable patch of profiles: topless gym selfie, topless gym selfie, topless gym selfie...

Simpsons Bart meh.gif

Until you find a fit guy that doesn’t have a topless gym selfie

Mr Burns excellent.gif

And doesn’t even mention the gym in his interests

Carl happy.gif

Then you deliberate painfully over the right opening line in order to seem funny, yet sexy and light-hearted, with a shade of mystery...

Homer dictionary.gif

Feeling yourself in your go-to first date outfit

Simpsons- Ned- Happy.gif

Followed by that awkward first face to face meeting. Do you hug? Handshake? Oh God I don’t know

Simpsons Ralph.gif

Or worse, having your first face to face meeting and realising you have been catfished through Insta-filters

Simpsons Grandpa Leaving.gif

Wishing that you had practiced some conversation starters like your Mum suggested

Simpsons ralph Wiggum.gif

Listening to Gap Yah stories in South America, because, you know, South East Asia has gotten far too touristy now

Simpsons Homer hedge.gif

Assuming that you look like this when you eat

Simpson Bart eating.gif

But obvs the reality...

Homder eating donut.gif

Re-enacting the whole date to your friends once home

Simpsons Homer swimming.gif

The you develop the dreaded 'Ick'

Simpsons- Homer The ICK.gif

But your friends try to change your mind as they desperately want to get you cuffed

Bart ralph.gif

Sometimes you may feel as if you are going round in circles

Simpsons Homer celebrating.gif

Until you find out that Badoo does verified pictures, video chats and lets you search for guys you actually fancy

Simpsons Homer Skipping.gif


Sometimes online dating may seem hopeless- random scrolling, awkward chat and dreaded catfishing. But with features like lookalikes, video chat and verified pics, Badoo might just help you find the Burns to your Smithers…