An Introvert's Guide To Surviving Dating

As a full-time introvert, dating can be hard. Really hard. Like, it gets to the date and you inevitably cancel hard. You suddenly question whether they'll think you're a stuttering mess compared to your witty online self, whether your Badoo profile pic even looks like you and you can't help thinking that Tuesdays are really for watching Bake Off anyway, right? 

You know what, no. You've got this. You can date and you will date.


1. Set up a profile on Badoo because then you never have to chat people up IRL

badooswipe (1).gif

2. Put your interests down as 'deliveroo', 'Netflix', 'Sleeping' and other indoor activities so they can manage their expectations


3. Then Actually reply to their messages  

4. But maybe don't reply to someone whose bio says 'loves adventures'


5. Or anyone who doesn't have a photo verified profile (a blue tick next to their name)


6. never worry about being 'too funny' in case you come across better than you will in person - just go for it


7. but Always video date on Badoo first before meeting irl to take the edge off


8. that means you have to actually answer the phone when they video call you 

9. and when the real life date actually occurs, accept that awkward silences will happen


10. But maybe think of a list of possible questions to ask them just in case


11. Meet them somewhere you know you like and can be comfortable in (not your bed)


12. have various memes on hand in case you are too shy to be funny


13. Or choose a date activity so you've got an ice breaker


14. If you feel overwhelmed just tell them


15. and Don't freak out if they suggest a double date


Yes, it's more people but that means you can bring your extrovert friend to big you up ☺️

16. Create a pre-date playlist of songs that keep you cool, calm and collected

17. Don't do this 

18. But do do this, if you want to

Because if you find it hard to express yourself in words, actions can definitely speak just as loudly.

And at least you'll always know if they're the one, because you will actually rather spend time with them than by yourself.

Badoo is the dating app that makes all of this dating stuff just a smidge less stressful and a bit more likely to happen because you can match by interests, location, be safe in the knowledge that you are speaking to photo verified profiles and you can video date them before the real thing. So that means no more first date nerves 🙏 

If you fancy giving Badoo a go, download it here.

Good luck guys 💪