6 Things That Happen When You Meet A Nice Guy After A Narcissistic Relationship

Narcissistic relationships are like drugs. They become addictive and hard to break away from. The majority of people stay in the toxic relationship because they fear of being alone and that they won’t find anyone else. This is common practice for those who date a narcissist. If you're one of the lucky ones and have managed to break free, congratulate yourself. It’s hard to leave a narcissistic relationship but once you gain your freedom, you will start to see that you are the creator of your own happiness and you don’t need anyone in your life who makes you feel unworthy.

 Narcissists are very clever at making you feel that they are above you. Sure, you will have some happy times in the relationship but this will only be because you are feeding the narcissist’s ego. It’s a trap which will only leave you feeling insecure. However once you build the courage to leave, you face another obstacle: you meet a nice guy who treats you right. But unfortunately you will feel way out of your comfort zone, because up to this point, nothing was about you. It was all about your ex. You fear you'll end up with a narcissist again, so you look out for signs and do things differently to ensure you won’t be in the same situation again.


In fact, here’s some of the things that can happen when you meet a nice guy after a narcissistic relationship:

1. You will have lots in common

In your last relationship the only thing you had in common with your ex was that you both loved the same person. That’s right, the narcissist! So when you enter a new relationship you will be looking for signs of compatibility. By now you will have learnt that to develop a good and strong relationship you will both need to be like-minded and share lots in common. Of course, this process can take a while when it comes to dating, but dating apps like Huggle can save you a lot of time when it comes to working out how compatible you both are. Huggle simply matches you with people who share your interests and lifestyle, through the places you love to spend time at. You can also see how many paces you have in common, which can help you decide if you’re really compatible. Huggle is great to use if you are looking to find someone who is like you and not your ex!

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2. You’ll laugh and have fun

If you matched on Huggle it’s likely you’ll be doing lots of things together. Especially all the things your ex didn’t want to do with you. You were trapped in a selfish relationship but now you and your new boyfriend share the same lifestyle and interests. It’s perfect as you’re both happy doing the things you enjoy the most together. 


3. He treats you the way you deserve to be treated

He’s kind and will put you first, always. It’ll feel alien at first but you’ll slowly start to regain your confidence. You went to the earth and back to please your ex but now you both treat each other with mutual respect and kindness. Don’t be surprised if he turns up with flowers for no reason. By the way, you deserve to be loved like this, because you’re amazing!


4. He listens and apologises

If he does something wrong or knows you’re upset about something, he will listen to you and make an effort to eradicate the issue. He’s not afraid to say sorry. He takes on board everything you say and actively makes an effort to make you happy. Your ex never said sorry because narcissists can’t admit when they’ve done something wrong. Instead you and your ex would have fought until you gave up trying to explain why you deserved an apology.


5. He’s not manipulative

Unlike your ex, your new boyfriend is not manipulative nor is he controlling. There’s no mind games and the feeling of walking on egg shells has disappeared. When you enter a normal, healthy relationship, you learn that such behavior is non-existent. You learn that relationships are all about compromise and that there are two voices to be heard—not one.


6. He’ll show you what love is

Sadly, your ex only ever loved himself. This can be difficult to accept but it’s true because narcissists are incapable of loving anyone but themselves. When you date someone who truly loves you, you will feel brand new. You’ll look back at your last relationship and see it was all a charade and not really love. You will feel different and most importantly you will feel strong and happy. Find "the one" who gets you on Huggle

 Download  Huggle  now!

Download Huggle now!