Beyonce Is Playing Nala In The New Lion King And We Can't F**king Wait

It has just been announced that Beyonce is joining the new Lion King cast; Twitter is going into meltdown…

And we are already getting emotional over how fricking good she is going to be…

We suspect that this is going to make it the most successful movie ever made. EVER

And it all makes sense; Simba and Nala are the King and Queen of couple goals:

Simba Nala.gif

Kind of like another regal couple we know:

Bey Jay.gif

So emotions are running high errywhere

Bey joins an already incredible cast, including Childish Gambino:

Childish Gambino.gif

And they are even keeping the orginal Mufasa, James Earl Jones.


The Lion King made $968.8 million at the box office back in 1994


And that was without Beyonce... meaning...

Money Beyonce.gif


All we have to do is wait til July...

Happy Will.gif



Reign on Queen Bey


With our Beyonce prayers answered, let's now focus our minds on getting Blue Ivy a cameo 😍🙏

Feature image Youtube/Beyonce