*DRAMA ALERT* Tyga Just Found One Of The Kardashian Clan On THIS Dating App

If you haven't woken up yet this morning you might not have heard the news. Brace yourselves 'cause one of the best stories of the modern age is unfolding before our very eyes and it's total drams. 

Last night, Kylie Jenner's potential baby daddy, Tyga, posted a picture on his Insta story of none other than Scott Disick on the dating app Badoo. The screenshot of Scott's profile has been circulating and it is honestly the best thing ever. 'Entrepreneur' tho? 😂😂😂 


Scott is yet to confirm or deny Tyga's story and we are buzzing about it. But also, we have so many questions:

1. Does this mean we can date Scott Disick?

2. Is this how Scott has been getting so much game?

3. Did Scott meet Sofia on Badoo?

4. Tyga what are you doing on there?

5. I love drams

Kourt, we have totally got your back. But also, we have totally been searching on Badoo for Scott's profile for the past 3 hours.  

uhuh honey


Feature Image: E!/Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Abbie Moujaes