Just Some Hot Men Making Dinner

Happy National Men Make Dinner Day everyone. Friends, brothers, boyfriends (lol jk they don't exist) time to don your aprons and douse yourself in olive oil because dinner's on you tonight. You've been watching enough Bakeoff, Nigella and Keith Floyd to know how to whip up a banger, so we have great expectations. Expecting high quantities of sweet potato, chicken and chorizo in some kind of fried form. Cheers, guys #NationalMenMakingDinnerDay catch you at Steak and Blow Job Day never.

Sassy and saucy 

You say tomato, I say boyfriend 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream


No sugar, you're sweet enough hunnay

Ain't nothing but Ainsley 

Thinking about global warming


Made from 100% extra lean turkey breast


May contain nuts* *big nuts


2 4 1 double trouble swipe right and left kjadbfaejfba


Fit hipster probably making some guac

Now stay in the kitchen where you belong.