The Growing Phenomenon Of Situational Hotness

The urban dictionary definition of situational hotness is:

When there is an insufficient amount of social encounters/interactions a person experiences day to day and said person starts to find otherwise undesirable peopleattractive, they have experienced situational hotness for someone.

That Maths teacher that told weird jokes about pie, the only girl in your chem lab at uni, the skinny guy that played piano really well. These are the times when you must ask yourself:

Do I really fancy him or is he just the most viable option?

Situational hotness is a real problem, and it's growing. Put down Jamie from HR, stop messaging back that personal trainer, the guy from Pret is not hot - he just gave you a free coffee that one time. 

Here's some examples of situational hotness to help you avoid it: 

1. When they are the only one of age

2. When they make massive declarations of love


3. When they have power 


4. When they are funny

5. When they are a gentleman 

6. When they support your decisions

giphy (9).gif

7. When they sing nice

8. When they have cool friends



You have been warned guys, stay safe over the Christmas period.