These Are The Most Extravagant Dog Owners In The World

You have brought a new puppy. It has filled the huge void in your life and you love it with all your heart. And it's fucking cute. How to show the extent of your love and gratitude to your new best friend? Immortalise their fluffy faces as works of art, of course. 

Cause this shep prefers a t-shirt to a t-bone.


When the attention gets too much.


Wait, that's not a dog.

Which is creepier?

Is it a dog or just some ears?

When you are the Queen.

Wait, that's not a dog either - that's a chubby dumpling. 

Ah, just what I needed. These dog owners (and weird-mouse-thing owners) are the best in the world. I want a dog and I want to paint it. 



Feature Image: Instagram/popyourpup

Abbie Moujaes