These Nude Images Of 18-Year-Old Madonna Are So Beautiful

These never before seen photos of the pop goddess herself, Madonna Louise Ciccone, at the age of 18, are ridiculously amazing and beautiful and I want one in my house that I will never own (her haircut looks a bit like my mum's though, ngl).

In this series of photos taken by Cecil Taylor in 1977 at the Art Worlds Institute of Creative Arts in Ann Arbor Michigan, Madonna reveals how freaking cool she was even before she was famous. With the confidence of the G she will grow up to be, Madonna poses fully nude with arms outstretched.  

Madonna was a student at the Institute at the time, still living in Ann Arbor Michigan, before she moved to New York City. She evidently passed up on the Parka puffer jacket trend when she was at uni for something more virginal. 

Fuck pouting. Madonna doesn't pout. 

Just casually doing ballet a la nude. 

Madonna is officially the most badass bitch around. And let's never forget the face she made JT pull.

The auction start on starts Wednesday, November 22, 2017 and the estimate price for each awesome photo is around $800 - $1,200. You can place your bid here.

Yusss Madz

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Abbie Moujaes