11 Hilarious Royal Engagement Reactions

Finally, the worst kept secret is out; Prince Haz and Meghan Markel are officially getting hitched. And with any such royal announcement follows the deluge of tweets; the congratulatory, the scathing and the damn right hilarious...

Of course hearts are breaking across the country right now

And there is really only one way to get over heartbreak

the disappointment knows no bounds

Some just don't really give a shit

Whilst some just don't really have a clue

People start getting all satirical 

Or historical 

We all know a royal wedding means one thing; cash monaaaaay

And cue the range of weird and wonderful royal tributes

And there is the odd harsh comment

But let's remember the most important things that come with a royal wedding

So, congrats Harry and Meghan- we are obvs extremely happy for you *cries into second bottle of wine*

Harry boom.gif

Cover Image; yourmorning

Abbie McMahon