7 Christmas Gifts To Buy The Wannabe Gangster In Your Life

We all know a wannabe gangster. That person who listens to Notorious BIG once and thinks they are street. But what Christmas present do you get the person that is chasing that thug lyfe? Well look no further- SRSLY has the ultimate Christmas list for the aspiring OG.

1. Soft A$$ Rapper Pillows

Who wouldnโ€™t want to sit on Drakeโ€™s face? The dream can become a reality with these incredible rapper-themed pillows.

2. The Rappers Delight Cook Book

 Image;  Amazon

Image; Amazon

WIth a range of delicious recipes including such classics as Wu Tang Clam Chowder, Public Enemiso Soup and Run DM Sea Bass, the Rapperโ€™s Delight Cookbook will improve your rep in an instant.

3. AB-To Jay Z

This handy book simultaneously teaches the alphabet and the main players in the rap scene- both essential when making it big in the lyric game.

4. Drake Christmas Jumper

 Image;  Amazon

Image; Amazon

This Drake Christmas jumper is the perfect way of collaborating baller style with seasonal cheer, making it the must have garm.

5. Rap Coasters

 Image: Thisismelo

Image: Thisismelo

Even the baddest rapper hates a tea stain. Avoid those annoying rings by purchasing the coolest coasters the internet has to offer.

6. Snoop Baby Grow

 Image;  Etsy

Image; Etsy

Itโ€™s important to start a career as a gee young; this hip-hop baby grow is the perfect way to begin.

7. Rapping Paper

 Image;  Esty

Image; Esty

A present is only as good as the paper itโ€™s wrapped in. So whichever present you choose, make sure its wrapped up in the coolest paper around.

Any striving gangster would be in paradise receiving these gifts. So at least that's one baller ticked off your gift list.


Feature image/Amazon