7 Ways To Improve Your Dating Game In 2018

If you're looking for love but not having any luck with your friend group, office colleagues or people you stare at on the bus à la Mark Corrigan, then here are a few ways to ramp up your dating game in 2018. We have consulted an array of glamorous sources, from mothers to movies, to amalgamate the be-all-and-end-all list.

1. Be a 'yes' person

Saying yes to more things opens you up to a whole load of new experiences that you wouldn't normally do. Just take a look at Jim Carrey's 'Yes Man' film, he said yes to everything for a year, did some pretty weird shit and in the end *spoiler alert* he got the girl. Ergo, we should all be yes people...and use Latin in listicles.

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2. Love yourself

It is commonly known that people who smile and laugh are seemingly more attractive. It is also known that older people feel happier in their own skin and more confident - how can this be? My friend's mum told me it was because young people set unrealistic targets for themselves. They consistently fall short of their goals and become annoyed that they are not where they want to be. So, make your 2018 resolutions more achievable and you won't fall short of them. You might end up more satisfied with yourself and happier as a result.

 And celebrate when you achieve a goal - even if it's one jog per month.

And celebrate when you achieve a goal - even if it's one jog per month.

3. Talk to strangers

Talk to that hot guy on the tube. You are never going to see him again; swallow your pride and say 'hello'. Chances are he thinks the same, and if not, c'est la vie, on to the next carriage. If the idea of in-person rejection is slightly too terrifying, why not try Badoo? You can talk to strangers and the humiliation can quickly be demolished by a double-tap and swipe up.

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4. Try Badoo's video chat feature as the new first date

If you don't have the time or money or are concerned about safety, this is definitely the best solution. Video chat your match before you meet in-person. It will take the awkwardness out of your initial encounter and confirm they aren't a catfish or your mate taking the piss.



5. Wear a peacocking outfit

Tight white jeans and a black shirt with gold metallic speckles all over it, why not? You'll be easy to spot and you're wearing your conversation starter, so you can't forget it even if you get nervous.

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6. Get some friends to take photos of you for your Badoo profile

If you have learnt anything from Srsly it's that dogs = good and topless mirror selfie = bad. If you haven't been single since the pre-iphone 5 era, the likelihood is that most of your pictures are with your ex and the ones that aren't are terrible quality. It's time for a re-vamp. Go to the park. Find a dog. Job done.

 Chelsea Handler said it was OK

Chelsea Handler said it was OK

7. Go on Activity dates

Activity dates are the best dates. You both make a fool of yourselves and bond over how silly you both look. It also means there is never a lul in conversation, only lols, because you are always talking about the activity.

 If Table Tennis is an 'activity' then so is drinking

If Table Tennis is an 'activity' then so is drinking

So there it is. The list to end all lists on how to smash 2018 dating. Let us at Srsly know how you get on. How far down the 'yes' rabbit hole did you go? What hilarious peacocking onesie did you show up in? We wish you the best of luck and see you on Badoo with your borrowed dog.

Feature image credit: lewis.clarke