Why Valentine's Day Is The Best Day To Be Single

Make no mistake, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It's a terrifying, commercialised fanfare that makes any single person feel like a fat tub of lard that is not worthy of love. It triggers the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, where suddenly everywhere you turn is another fucking couple. We are here to tell you that, contrary to what all the adverts will have you believe, it's actually better to be single on Valentine's Day.

You will not be party to a cringe status about how your 'boy done good' accompanied by a picture of a budget chocolate box and a Moonpig card #RIPclintons.

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Instead, your Dad will send you lots of sympathy chocolate. He's done it for the past 25 years and he knows what you like - no one can compete with this. Your Dad will even sign the card with a question mark so you can tell your mates that, once again, the mystery secret admirer has returned.

 And he'll write them every year you need them

And he'll write them every year you need them

There is no sexy lingerie expectation. You don't need to spend an arm and a leg on ridiculous underwear that's going to come straight off once your other half sees it. You can eat your body weight in your "mystery" admirer's chocolate and get a good night's sleep.

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You don't need to fight for a last minute reservation with all the other couples. Instead you can go on a Badoo date any day of the week, no special occasion necessary.

 When there's one reservation left at Pizza Express

When there's one reservation left at Pizza Express

You won't be in the complacent stage of a relationship where you require a commercial holiday to take each other out, every Badoo date you go on will be exciting and fun. 

 They can surprise you with gifts any day of the year!

They can surprise you with gifts any day of the year!

You can catch flights not feelings and go somewhere awesome for the weekend. You can even change your Badoo location settings in advance, so that you can set up some dates before you arrive.

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You can do whatever you want on Valentine's Day, single or not, because who cares about societel pressures and commercialised fanfares? Amiriiite? Whatever your preference, if you fancy putting on some sexy lingerie and being wined and dined; or equally, finding someone who likes slobbing in sweats and watching cat videos as much as you do - come and find the purr-fect match on Badoo.

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India Clare