6 Ways You Should Have Already Started Prepping For Summer

If the fact that the sun sets at 3:54 p.m. is remarkably depressing and the only benefit you see from this early darkness is that it is socially acceptable to go to the pub at 2:54 p.m. then that makes two of us #longlivethemidweeksesh. We could, however, use this dark time (metaphorically and physically) to our advantage. Whilst all your friends are cuffed to their other halves and chained to the sofa, here are the few reasons why you should be prepping for summer 2018.

1. Light at the end of the dark wintery tunnel

After the Christmas and New Year's season, you're back to work and the slog seems endless. The only way you can get through this unrelenting period is living off the memories of Christmas parties past and the complimentary biscuit tin. So let this summer be your post-xmas period pick me up. Start planning all the places you want to go to - maybe even change your computer wallpaper to a palm tree to really get you in the mood - but you don't have to go this mental lol!

 Summer is out there somewhere

Summer is out there somewhere

2. Time

You have the time to research all the places you want to go to in your city. Be a tourist in your own town. You can book before anyone else; get into all the exhibitions, galleries and restaurants. Make it a reservation for two - you never know what's around the corner when you are this proactive. (;

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3. Book in advance and save money

No explanation needed. You can also request as much holiday as you want without pissing off your boss because no one else has asked yet.



4. change your Badoo location settings to your destination and set up some dates for when you get there

Something to think about when you are sitting at your desk, tactfully trying to time the next biscuit tin trip but equally trying to avoid Dave who you got with in the heat of the moment at the office party in front of everyone.

 No, Miranda. You just need Badoo.

No, Miranda. You just need Badoo.

5. 'Summer bodies are made in winter'


When summer finally arrives and you're on the beach, standing next to your friend with a thigh gap the width of the Grand Canyon; you think back to all those mince pies and pints you said 'yes' to and regret them all immediately. Fuck this mentality - I feel this every year, and this time I say 'no!' I should learn to love my body the way that it is. If you feel this too, listen to some Mindfulness podcasts about body positivity and then rock out on the beach this summer.

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6. Find someone to take the trip with

Rooms are half the price, you don't need to sink your first Happy Hour Frozen Margarita so the second one doesn't melt and overflow. Find your next best mate on Badoo.

 Make that for two pls!

Make that for two pls!

Think of how much less dreary the nights will be here, when you know that in less than 3 months you will be tanning on a beach, eating at that new restaurant or feeling fabulous in your own skin. Summer will be here before we know it, so for once when time is on your side, get planning and make sure summer 2018 is the best summer you'll ever have.

Feature image credit: thejungalowbali