6 Types Of London Guys You Should Avoid

We’ve all dated a guy who in hindsight we wish we had avoided. Sadly, it’s a fact of London life that you will come across men who are best left roaming the dating galaxy than to romantically end up with them. 

And according to scientists (we’ve made that up) there are 6 types of London guys we should all avoid. Which is why we’ve created a list below to help you identify these men so you don’t end up dating them. Maybe you’ve already dated one of the types below or at least you know someone who has. Either way, it’s a good list to keep with you at all times especially when you’re on the London dating scene.

So when you’re next swiping through Huggle, keep an eye out for these London types and avoid them at all costs:

‘Wannabe Entrepreneur’

Forever Entrepreneur.PNG

What he tells you: He studied Business & Management at university and truly believes he’s the next Richard Branson. 

What he actually does: He failed school and has a business that Mummy and Daddy help fund. He also has lots of business ideas e.g an app to help cats find milk alternatives. Okaaaayyy…..

Natural habitat: The Ned, WeWork, Soho House…

What’s the deal?: He has a flash car and watch but don’t be fooled by his false exterior. The majority of his wealth is funded by his inheritance and just like his many business ideas, he’ll promise you the world but will never deliver. 

How to spot him: He’ll be at the membership bar sipping a Martini and pretending to know about current affairs. He loves to purposely flash his watch or leave his car keys on the table so you know he drives a Mercedes. He may even ‘neg' you and give you unwanted career advice. Stay well away from this wannabe entrepreneur.



What he tells you: He’s educated and has a great career. He also lives in a big house on the hill - Oh and that every female on the planet wants him.  

What he actually does: He can’t afford his rent let alone his business (which is in debt) and is scarily insecure, despite his confident persona. He's bordering psychopathic and once he's found out your weaknesses he will eventually make you feel unworthy, despite his constant admiration for you at the start.  

Natural habitat: Anywhere on the Kings Road or Mayfair…

What’s the deal?: Run. Don’t believe the lies this man is telling you. He will make your life a living and breathing hell. He will gradually make you question your sanity and your self worth, as well as your family/your background and your achievements. Seriously run!

How to spot him: He’s quite hard to spot at the beginning as he will act like he has his shit together. He will seem like Mr Perfect but actually he’s very manipulative. At the start of your relationship he will regularly compliment you - making you feel like a million dollars, but don’t be fooled, this is all part of the narcissist’s game. He wants to make you fall in love with him and then trap you. Save yourself from being mentally scarred and run!!!


What he tells you: How many followers and subscribers he has. Plus how his engagement on his latest video was crazily high.  

What he actually does: Makes videos all day that are supposed to look candid and then sits on his computer all day editing them. Come the end of the day he'll upload the video. #Engagement

Natural habitat: His house or his Mum’s house and cool events that give out free goodie bags.

What’s the deal?: This guy’s life is all about his followers and how many likes he gets on his latest post. Don’t expect to be taken on a date and not be filmed, this guy’s life is social media. You will always come second.

How to spot him: He has a camera in his hand and finishes conversations with: “Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!”

'Rugby Lad’

Rugby Lad.PNG

What he tells you: How much he lifts at the gym followed by how many pints he’s going to drink tonight. Prepare yourself for the ’ two whales walk into a bar ‘ joke.  Lads, lads lads…

What he actually does: Gyms, runs around a field, eats tons of protein and drinks countless of pints.

Natural habitat: The Ship, Virgin Active and Twickenham

What’s the deal?: He’s a gentlemen when you first meet him but after six pints you’ll soon learn that the friendly giant will disappear and change into a partying hulk (peeing into an empty beer bottle is a regular occurrence). If you want to spend the weekend with him think again, your life will revolve around the pub and rugby...

How to spot him: He’s the one chanting and downing pints at the bar. He’ll be incredibly muscular and may even have puffy cauliflower ears.

‘Club Promoter’

What he tells you: That he owns the club and is a marketing genius. 

What he actually does: Posts on social media every day about the latest club event (the club that he doesn’t own) and messages pretty girls begging them to “sit on his table”. He’ll also name drop celebs and places he’s never met or been to.

Natural habitat: Mahiki, The Box, Tape…

What’s the deal?: He’ll tell you you’re the only girl for him but actually you’re girlfriend #7. This guy’s life is all about partying and having fun, - if you want a boyfriend to settle down with, then he is not the person for you. 

How to spot him: He’s the one carrying a bottle of vodka and sitting on the table with all the pretty girls. 


What he tells you: The first thing he’ll tell you is how busy he is at work and how much his salary and recent bonus was. Money, money money, money, money….

What he actually does: Works in a stressful finance job where he does make decent money however his idea of relaxing is going out for dinner with his clients, having four bottles and letting loose. And we really mean, loose.

Natural habitat: Canary Wharf, RAC Club, The Ned, Lulu’s…

What’s the deal?: You may see him every single day for a week and then he’ll go quiet on you for a week. Then the cycle will repeat. He’ll always ask to see you late at night and it will always be on his terms. Expect late night booty calls and when you do see him, dont expect him to be interested in what you have to say. He'll be talking about himself and oh how much money he’s making. Did he tell you what his salary was last month? Yeah, you get the picture…

How to spot him: He’s the one wearing a suit and a tailored shirt with his initials.  He will occasionally go to the bathroom, only to come back ten minutes later, talking very fast and making strange faces. His life is work and partying - avoid like the plague unless of course, you want to hear how much money he earns.

If you’re sat wondering where all the good men are, download Huggle. There’s plenty of nice decent men on there, unlike these lot!