Why The *Desperate* Life Of A Single AF Girl Is Actually Pretty Damn Awesome


You can spot a single AF girl a from a mile off. (Oh hey, nice to meet you).

The *millennial* Bridget Joneses; the Carrie Bradshaws with fewer fags, fewer Manolos (sob) and more apps. We gather in our girl gangs, taking our hardened, swipe-battered thumbs to Oslo Bar (or Infernos, if it’s been a particularly long week) on a Friday night, in a vague attempt to meet a guy IRL. And if we don’t meet them there, then at least we have Badoo to spend the following day flicking through potential suitors, whilst  simultaneously nursing our hangovers on back-to-back Gilmore Girls and carbs.



The common misconception of single AF girls is that we’re desperate for a relationship. Apparently it’s just guys (now commonly known as ‘fuckboys’) who use dating apps like Badoo for play, while us gals are on it to find our Mr Big or Mark Darcy, with a tab open on white dresses and wedding invitations ready to send...

But the movies and media still get it wrong (it's almost as if we can trust Hollywood- who figured?). We single girls do not sit around passively at the other end of an app, waiting for the right guy to come along. On Badoo, I have a huge variety of guys at my fingertips to flick through and flirt with, not out of desperation, but because there’s something undeniably entertaining about it.


I hadn’t actually heard of Badoo until a few weeks ago. It turns out it’s the biggest dating app in the world (surprise, surprise, us Brits are late to the party, again). It’s different to other dating apps in that it’s more than just monotonous swiping; you can also scroll through the profiles of people nearby, as well as those you’ve bumped into. Even better, you can search for your exact type through its handy lookalikes feature. One thing I really like is that you can message guys that take your fancy, even if you haven’t matched with them. I do it when I’m feeling a bit gutsy - it kind of captures the excitement of going up to a stranger in a bar (but from the comfort of your sofa, in your pj’s with no make up, sipping on a bottle of wine through a straw).

I use Badoo not because I’m desperately trying to couple myself off, I just like keeping my options open. And there are lots and lots of options on the app. I can pick and choose who I speak to, refine my searches and just have fun with it. Why kiss a few frogs when you can just kiss lots and lots of princes? So you’ll find me on Badoo on a Sunday morning, being single AF and quite happily so.

If you’re happily single AF, like me, download Badoo here, give it a try and tweet me what you think!

Feature Image: Paramount Pictures