The sexy Movie Scenes Every Couple should Recreate


Going to the cinema is synonymous with couples. The cheeky arm move during a quiet scene, the sweet hand meet in the salty popcorn box, the awkward groping under a jacket in the back seats when you were 15... we've all felt it (literally).

So, we decided to bring you the sexiest scenes from the big screen for you to reminisce over, recreate with your other half or just, you know, enjoy... ;)


Eminem in 8 Mile


Rabbit certainly lives up to his name. And there's something great about doing it at work when work is an edgy stamping plant in Detroit as opposed to a temperamental Nespresso machine in Mayfair. 

Head to Shoreditch for this one, maybe?


Scarlett Johansson, He's Just Not That Into You


Bitter sweet because he's married and turns out to be a d*ck. But there's a pool. Latchmere, anyone?


James McAvoy, Atonement

Again, everything goes a bit tits up afterwards, but this one's for the literature nerds. They do it against the bookshelves in the library and afterwards he writes her a love letter. Just watch out for the slightly overzealous staff if you try it in the Chelsea Library. Bottled water only when you sh*g!


Gwyneth, Shakespeare in Love


And if you fancy even more of the literary approach, try reciting the bard while you unwrap the bandages you put on like Gwyneth did to disguise herself as a man... #givememysinagain #roleplay (no guarantees you can pull off the ginger moustache though)


Leonardo, Titanic


Because you can't write about rom coms without mentioning Leo. And, let's be honest, the sex scene in the car looked like the best you've never had. Maybe turn on the AC, though.


Puppet, team america

You will need: 2 puppets, 1 open mind


Bruce Willis, Pulp Fiction

When Fifty Shades of Grey is too vanilla. 


Mila kunis, friends with benefits


This one's for when you have a serious relationship, incomparable amounts of emotion and monotonous sex #nocuddles #thinkingofmila 


Jonathon Rhys-Meyers, match point


Ok, ok, so Scarlett is featured twice, but c'mon - unbelievably beautiful tennis instructor *spoiler alert* who murders the hottest woman who has ever lived? Don't tell me you haven't already ordered those cheap tennis whites off ASOS ready to have them ripped right off...


Jake gyllenhal, brokeback mountain


Could we really end anywhere than up a mountain? This has to be one of the sexiest films of all time so brush up on your D of E skills, head to Primrose Hill and hope for a quiet day in the park. 

Because, sometimes, relationships need a bit of Hollywood glam to get things grinding again... but failing that, there's always R. Kelly. 



Feature Image: Paramount Pictures