14 extremely serious problems every brit is dealing with this summer

It comes around once a year but we are always caught unawares. By the overwhelming amounts of vitamin D, by the unnatural lack of umbrellas within reach, by the sheer number of unashamedly topless men. And here are just some of the many British problems we face... 

1. when wimbledon begins and you suddenly take part in all sorts of unwelcome activities

2. when you attempt to enjoy a picnic when really you'd quite like a chair and to be in the shade

3. when this in no way has british sex appeal, the entirety of which has been given to bond

4. perhaps this means we could just cook it in the oven and eat it near the window instead?

5. when this is the only british thing that is easily spread

6. when sleeping in the shower is the closest british people will get to sex in the shower

7. the dreaded 'z', almost as awful as the dreaded sun

8. when the plague strikes britain again


10. it stopped being a novelty when i burnt one side of my arm when riding a bus

11. tearing up just thinking of that john lewis ad

12. when it's as muggy as mike from love island 

13. some brits don't sweat they simply grow red like the shade of their one burnt arm

14. you are braver than me for leaving the house, i'm staying put 'til November

Srsly though, stay indoors for your own safety and only come out if there is 🍺 involved. 



Feature Image: Tiger Aspect Productions