The extremely strange things every girl does on a diet

It seems like guys can do a diet and like actually do a diet. Like they know what they're gonna eat and they eat it (see Chris Pratt's Insta). But with girls, it doesn't always work out that way. We try, we really do. But food tho. 🥐🍫🍗🍣🍦

1. eats unlimited amounts of dark chocolate because it is 'healthy'


2. eats just the inside of sandwiches


3. eats just the inside of pies


4. eats just the inside of pork pies



5. talks a lot about the health benefits of nuts


6. licks all the icing off the outside and inside of an entire cake and puts it back together again for others to enjoy


7. eats anything while on her period because she needs it for energy


8. eats anything after drinking because it doesn't count


9. drinks 10 vodka lime sodas because vodka is a 'diet' drink


10. fyi Sweet Potato Fries also count as 'diet' 


11. regrets telling people she is on a diet when she really fancies chocolate that is not dark


12. puts ketchup on everything


13. buys larger clothes


14. gets a fake tan

Because life is too short and everything looks better with a tan. Laters guys, I'm going for a pizza*


*only eats the toppings 


Feature Image: Pinterest