The 10 celebs Germany most wants to shag (and Angela Merkel is one of them)

Using exclusive stats from the biggest dating app in the world, Badoo, Srsly can now reveal the top 10 celebs Germans most want to date. Using Badoo's awesome new Lookalikes feature (where you can search for any celebrity and date their lookalikes on Badoo) we have found which celebs 🇩🇪 has been searching for 😂  

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1. Daniella Katzenberger

D tops the list with 2,314 searches. Daniela might be taken but her lookalikes are single Pringles 😍


2. Lena Gercke 

Lena's been searched for 2,247 times. She's got 355 but which do you think is her Next Top Lookalike? Lol.   


3. Janina Uhse

In a sweet third place is Janina with 1,949 searches. 


4. Angela Merkel 

So Germans have a thing for the older woman? ðŸ˜‰ Our number 1 political babe, Angela, comes in fourth at 1,814 searches #cougar #nojudgement


5. Helene Fischer

Fischer might have Florian but with 750 lookalikes, you can now have Marian, Maria, Lisa or Rachel 😘 1,309 German people have searched for Helene. 


6. Heidi Klum 

The one and only Heidi (no, not from The Hills) has been searched 1,181 times #swoonforKlum


7. Sophia Thomalla 

She's one hot Thamalla... Currently going out with Gavin Rossdale from The Voice 😭 but with 1,151 searches, Germany is not giving up on bagging this date.


8. Claudia Schiffer 

988 Germans searched for Schiffer. Miledy is literally her wtf. 


9. Stefanie Giesinger

...for when you need a model girlfriend 📸 Stefanie's been searched for 920 times coming in 9th place.


10. Til Schweiger

The only guy in the top ten! You go Til! Til has 906 searches and a whopping 1,734 lookalikes. We'd put our money in that till 😉


So that's it. Germany, you have spoken and Badoo has answered with the best lookalikes technology can find. Shocked? Intrigued? Single? Head to Badoo now and have a play on their new Lookalikes feature... you never know, you might just come away with an A-list date 💜💜💜



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