These brutally honest instagrammers will make you love the world again

A perfect collection of the imperfect anti-heroes of Instagram; unafraid of flaws, unapologetic of ill-virtues and, most importantly, f*cking hilarious. #LiveLoveLaugh #DieHateCry

Deliciously Stella

Taking the #cleaneating trend and blending it to a raw pressed pulp, Stella is real-ly delicious. Who else could pull off Curly Whirly curls in her hair, pass off a bag of Kettle chips as her Kettle bell and call onion rings 'hole foods' while maintaining a straight face. Ella who?


Stina Sanders

Proving you can be both fit and funny - Stina is model, writer, 💃 and co-founder of dating app Huggle, whose most recent article for Marie Claire advised readers about anal sex. #KeepItRealGirl #EveryoneLovesAnal 


Average Parent Problems

Finally. Parents who do not steadfastly think their kids are the sh*t but admit that sometimes they are just sh*t. Because 'average' can actually be f*cking wonderful. 


Fearne Cotton

Fearne probably wouldn't have been caught dead with a close up, no make up shot back when she was on Smile with Reggae and Nev the weird blue cockney bear thing. But she does it now and that's why we love her. 


Chrissy Teigen (and fam)

No explanation necessary. Chrissy wins everything. 


Women in Real Life

'That didn't go as planned.'


Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt dieting is the best thing that has happened this year. Watching such a large man find so much pleasure in a very small and very strange looking olive oil and pistachio cake is better than sex. Someone get Pratt a pizza. #IdHaveaPizzaHim #StickItOnHimWithaPrattStick



Perhaps the most satisfying of all, this account writes Post-it notes that are 'the epitome of the typical Instagram user' and they are brilliant. 


Leader of the Selfie Movement

Self-proclaimed 'leader of the selfie movement', Mr Pimp takes many selfies that look quite similar and posts them alongside inspirational and thought provoking quotes such as this one, 'If loving you is wrong i don't want to be right - rob kardashian'.


We would obv have also included Rob Kardashian in the list but he recently had his account disabled. Dunno why. 


Feature Image: Instagram/Stina Sanders