Travel Gal: 48 hours in Dublin 🇮🇪

Flight time from London: 1h 25

Average cost of pint:  £5.69 (of Guinness obvs) 

Most charming feature: Statue of Molly Malone

Likely group chat name:  Dubbers

In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on... a pretty edgy looking industrial landscape with massive grey factory buildings either side of the River Liffey. It's only when you get to Temple Bar and start paying hideous amounts of Euros for a pint of (well it's got to be) Guinness that the Trinity-esque old town Irish charm gets poured on you in bucket (of gold) loads. While your friend who lives in Dublin tells you to stay away from this over-priced tourist trap, the flower baskets are just too darn pretty ☘️☘️☘️


So, what's there to do?

buy the obligatory Dublin themed trip mascot


and take it with you everywhere


literally everywhere


and don't forget the compulsory sh*t chat cap...

You know who you are.


Go on the Guinness Factory Tour

Not to be done after a heavy night out when you can't fully utilise your free pint or the four floors of fun 'cause walking more than ten paces is not really an option.



find the statue of Molly Malone and get a pic touching her boobs

Selling cocklesssss and musclessssss aliiive alive-oh.


go and eat at The Old Storehouse

Where there's massive portions, live music and Irish dancing on table tops. #TopThat


Accidentally crash gay pride 

The whole city becomes rainbow coloured, glitter-faced, and oh-so-so happy *cough tipsy cough*. 


Plus, there's Dicey's which is a great club for going out out - massive smokers' garden area so you feel like you're in Barca (almost), but equally means that the one pair of jeans you brought with you for the entire weekend will stink of smoke the next day (and forever). Oh, and you can go and visit Trinity library for the culture etc. Unless it's raining in which case you are allowed to ditch and go to the nearest Irish pub. Thankfully, there's quite a few. 

'And that's the end...' 😞 'UNTIL NEXT WEEK!' 😀



Feature Image: Instagram/meganhxtchen