Every kind of conversation you will ever have on a dating app

Ah, the dapper world of dating. From charmers to lads, cheeky chaps to see ya next Tuesdays, there's a few typical chats that seem to pop up on the daily (and not just 'cause of Copy & Paste). The following are a selection of delicacies that every single dating app connoisseur has tried - girl or boy, fit or fabulous, badoo or bumble. For the newbies - take note. And for the old-hands - hold out hope for The One (Number 10) 😉


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1. The jokes one

Accio Will Smith cause someone' s getting Hitched 👰


2. The boring AF one

Chat to rival Alex off Love Island 🏝️


3. The gross one

FFS Tinder 


4. The (hopeless) romantic

When you know your ass was sculpted by God 🍑🍑🍑



5. The weird one

I'd rather have a 🍹 mate


6. The clingy one

No, but your 4 messages in a row has lol



7. The one who gives nicknames way too early

Don't underestimate the power of the pocket 🚀


8. The knob

I'd throw it on the floor and see if it smashes 🍉🍆🍉🍆


9. The cheesy one

Classic Millenial 🥑🥑🥑


10. The one

Oh, Danny boy. You look super cute in that everything



Feature image: Badoo