10 things you will only find out if you work in an office full of girls

Girls just wanna have fun? Whoever sung that has never worked in an office full of girls. Girls want food, AC and a whole lot of in depth conversations about IBS. 


1. snacks are a defining part of life

In the cupboard, in the drawers, down jumper sleeves, in the cuffs of jackets, on the window sill, snacks are everywhere. Meals are snacks, snacks are snacks, everything is a snack.


3. there is no shame

You think you over-share? Think again. In an office full of girls, you can cry about a plastic baby and someone will be there to comfort you.


4. there is no judgement

You can literally say and do anything judgement free, except when it comes to new clothes, nails, hair or the relationship status of everyone else who works in the building.


5. It is perfectly acceptable to leave bags of sweaty gym clothes in the office for days at a time

Well... you can't carry them with you to post work Infernos, can you?


5. Every single hashtag is sarcastic

I am so #Blessed for all this #MondayMotivation which makes me want to #LiveLoveLaugh my #BestLife all the way to #ThankfulThursday  


6.periods occur more than once a month

When it comes to PMS, feeling stressed, tired, hungry, hangry, f*cking hangry, cramping and the lingering spots on your chin that are definitely just 'hormonal', the period chat simply never ends. 


7. you will become a heavyweight drinker within two weeks

Drinking becomes a necessity and a priority in order to celebrate, commiserate and just for when it's 'been one of those days'. 


8. food is life

I know, I know we already mentioned snacks. Food is different. 


9. you will get lots and lots of relationship advice

Regardless of whether you want it or not. 


10. and You will suddenly have a second family

Because as much as you get creeped out, hormoned out and weirded-the-f-out by all the strange sh*t they do, there's no one who will ever care about you at work as much as an office full of girls. They will take you out out, take you under their wing and, most importantly, take the piss out of everything you do. Because #squadgoals #girlswhodrinktogetherstaytogether (not being sarcastic with the hashtags this time) 😉



Feature Image: Channel 4