The passive aggressive messages that only sisters will understand

You love each other more than anyone in the world but you also chat sh*t to each other in a way you wouldn't with any other person ever. Here's an insight into the mildly aggressive antics of sibling love *cough* hate...

If you haven't stolen their favourite top are you even sisters


The awkward first month of their latest fling


They know what they did


When they are closest to the kitchen



when pans get political  


when you enjoy the same extra curricular activities

image1 (3).png


when it's easier to communicate through memes

image2 (1).png


when you are each other's fitspo


when this is as supportive as it gets


when they are the only one you will ever trust to speak the truth


So many fights, physical and mental, so many stolen things, clothes and attention... but, in the end, they're the one person you can always count on to reply (as well as your mum). Love to all sisters out there. 💜



Feature Image: Walt Disney Pictures