The Love Island fans that prove why this is the best show in the world

The end is nigh. The skies are growing muggy and the paper is turning to mush. The couples will soon be back home and we will all suddenly have to actually leave our own homes for entertainment. What the actual F. So, let's just all take a moment (and a deep breath) and celebrate some of the best reactions from the Love Island fans (everyone in the world). 


When you are an actual style icon despite looking like a greek teletubby


when only Phil from Eastenders can fully portray the pain


when you are next level dedicated


when this is the only mantra anyone should live by


when this needs to become a thing


when Chris's lid is as sweet as an iced gem


when you go all cryptic


when you are the only g in blazin'


when camilla pointed to her lips


when this is truth


oh gosh, this is getting too emosh

'Till next year, Islanders. Muggy 🎤 drop. 


Feature Image: Instagram/georgejwilliams