15 times cats were single AF and loving it 🐾

Cats don't give a f*ck. They love themselves, pamper themselves, lick themselves and only get human contact when they want a stroke or some free food. Every single AF human could take a leaf out of a cat's book. Just take a look at how well they epitomise the life of a single AF human doing it the right way... 


1. When you buy yourself treats because no-one else is going to

'I am my own couple goals.'


2. When you become too comfortable living on your own



3. When you take up new hobbies and regret them immediately 

'Why did I bring Steve.'


4. When you consider going on a health kick to make yourself a more desirable paw-son



5. When you know you put on a few pounds but it doesn't phase you 



'Everyone be looking at my new fly shades.'


6. When no-one is treating you like the Princess you are

'Why is Mr Snuffles such a f*cking f*ck boy.'


7. When it's Sunday night and you have to keep your own paws warm 

'Ferrero Rocher, I'm a fancy cat.'


8. When your birthday comes around and you got yourself exactly what you wanted

'Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to Herbert. Happy Birthday to me.'


9. When you are in a long distance relationship because your boyfriend lives in the future

'They call me the catstronaut.'


10. When you are getting inundated with matches on Badoo but would rather stay in and watch Love Island

'Love Island is over and I don't know how to live anymore.'


11. When love and happiness is just out of reach 

But you'll be damned if you're getting out of the sun to get it. 


12. When someone tells you you're pretty and you're just like...

'Tell me something I don't know.'


13. When you go out to the park to pull some birds. 

But you realise it's just full of dogs. 


14. When you finally reach your peak style

Because of all the spare time you have to work on yourself. 


15. And you know that one day someone will see how special you are

Single AF humans, cats, you are all extremely special and we love you 🐾


Feature Image: Instagram/samhaseyebrows