Collie gosh! You can now get hot dog ice cream!

This brand new ice cream shop just opened in Spitalfields, London, on 14th July and it's barking mad. Ice cream is suddenly hot hot hot served in these unreal looking hot dog ice creams. Corrrr(gi)  🐶🍦🐶🍦🐶


This looks paw-some 


Someone call the dentist cause my canines are gonna be f*cked


This is the Corgi to my heart




Fetch me one of these #makingfetchhappen


we like to call this one 'doggie'


they've also sussed a revolutionary way of securing maximum toppings


so many, many toppings




Or just (chop)stick it all and go for a chinese

It's called Soft Republick but it's making us hard. Go try it now. #datenight #singlenight #everynight



Feature Image: Instagram/oldspitalfieldmarket