Why this dating app is winning on social media

There's a few of those big brands that totally own social media - remember how Greggs handled this nightmare?


Well, we've found another jokes account that everyone needs to follow - it's that massive dating app Badoo. As dating apps go it's pretty fun anyway with it's kind of mental features like 'Lookalikes' where you can just search for any celeb lookalikes and then date them (or upload a pic of your ex/boss/friend's bro to date instead). But we recently discovered that it's social side is kinda funny too...

1. When they totally nailed the obligatory Love Island tweet

2. And again

3. When they sent Michael Mcintyre his Badoo lookalikes and tagged Simon Cowell

4. when they got political

5. when Blunt's lookalikes were too beautiful

6. when they retweeted FDA Music

7. and this was FDA Music


8. Their Insta isn't bad either

Put your razors away ladies, it's Monday. #4daystillfriday

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9. they also tweeted this American journalist with his cartoon's lookalikes

10. then they went and made Hagrid a Badoo profile

11. and helped Theresa find her strong and stable relationship 


Pretty lol. Keep it up Badoo. #bigbadbadoo #badooyouliftthough #badooandchill 💜


Feature Image: Twitter/Badoo