15 Commandments To Survive Dating In London This Summer

Summer in London is a lot like dating. Hopefully hot ☀️ occasionally wet 💦 and at times leading to severe dehydration (depending on how well it goes). You could strike it lucky on dating app Badoo and have a wonderfully boozy picnic on Hampstead Heath but your date could equally end in a sweaty mess on the Northern Line. So, we’ve put together some golden rules to help you out with that very first encounter... 


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1. Thou shalt always use protection

Suncream ✔️ Condoms ✔️ Verified on Badoo ✔️


2. Thou shalt never arrange to meet your date anywhere on Oxford Street

‘I’ll be the one in the purple dress and no makeup because it has sweated off my face.’


3. Thou shalt not judge someone as a posh boy just because Badoo says you bumped into them at the new outdoor beach in Fulham

Unless their profile name is ‘Spenny’.


4. Thou shalt not use sunburn, sunstroke or hay fever as a valid reason to sack off a date

You are beautiful no matter what...but maybe send a selfie on Badoo first if you have done a total Ron Weasley.


5. Thou shalt never buy a 99 if they cost more than 99 pence

And never flake on your date… lol.


6. Thou shalt always link your Instagram to your Badoo profile so potential baes can see you living your best summer life


7. Thou shalt always suggest a dog walk up Primrose Hill if he has a dog in his profile pic


8. Thou shalt not freak out if your date does not respond positively to the question ‘Anyone for Pimms?’


9. Thou shall accept that sometimes it is just too hot to sleep


10. And even Netflix and sleep


11. Just kidding


12. Thou shalt never feed the pigeons any of your leftover picnic tabouli


13. Thou shalt never check in for your weekend in ‘Napa before checking out the Cyprian talent via Badoo...

...and arranging to meet up for your very own Love Island ;)


14. Thou shalt always dress for the weather you want...

...not the weather London gets.


15. And finally, thou shalt eventually give up on London and f*ck off to Spain...

...because with Badoo you can find love anywhere.


Download Badoo here to get your own Summer romance. And if you are f*cking off to Spain you can change location settings on Badoo to chat to the chicos before you even take off ✈️


Feature Image: Universal Pictures