The memes only the strongest couples could tag their partners in

The internet is a dark, dark world full of dark, dark, funny, funny memes. Memes that could break a lesser couple who has even the shadow of a doubt about their partner's mental state or the longevity of their relationship. If you would tag your bae in the memes below, congratulations, your love will outlive them all. But not the memes. Nothing outlives the memes. 

1. when you let them know they're crazy 

2. when the sarcasm is too real

3. when there's some passive aggressive sh*t going down

4. when they haven't said those three special words yet

5. when you need space

6. when they call you out for going through all their messages and fb likes

7. when they help you get over your insecurities

8. when you're organising date night

9. when you never go out anymore so just talk to yourself now

JK couples are so much fun and often go out. Love to all couples. Srsly. 


Feature Image: 20th Century Fox