Why is everyone cutting their hair off?

Katy Perry went a bit weird recently. By 'weird' they mean she's been acting like we act with our closest friends... but on live TV. By 'weird' they mean she's been getting deep about her songs. By 'weird' they mean she's cut her hair. 

People need to get over getting 'weird' and getting 'thick' (literally wtf stop saying Rihanna is thick) and they need to get over celebs cutting their hair. Victoria Beckam, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Britney. The list is endless and so are the resulting news stories about how the haircut is 'a reaction to current affairs and a rebellion against the way men think about women'. Maybe they just wanted a f*cking pixie cut. 

Getting your hair cut can be terrifying, tear-inducing torture but it can also change how you feel about yourself and the kind of person you want to be. So, ok, it's a kinda big deal, but let's just appreciate the cuts not the cultural revolution. K?

loving the crew cut katy

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Kristen says it's 'practical'

bob makes brows pop cara

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we're buzzin' for you lena

you're a shortcut to heaven zoe

Ruth Bell you model it well

I will never be brave (or skinny) enough to cut my hair this short so you go girls. xoxo


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