All the times Friends taught us what love really means

Friends has helped form our lives in so many ways. And, in particular, it taught us what love in RL truly is. Whether it's the sh*t bits like hearing you have chubby ankles, or the funny times when you put a Turkey on your head, Friends have shown us how it's done from the beginning...


When you get annoyed by the same exact things without even needing to say it


When you have a secret language that makes no sense to anyone else


And they start using it without you even asking them to


Until it becomes a thing


That will never not be a thing


When you always keep it real and never get carried away with ideals


When you have gotten through the hard times 


And the hot times


When you find them in the most unlikely places


And find shared passions 


And interests you didn't even know you had


When you've had at least one nightmare DIY sitch


And you only ever let them see your true, inner self


But it's ok because they will back you 100% 


Even if you dance like this 


Or run like this 


It doesn't ever matter 


Because ultimately, in the end, you always, always, and forever, get off the plane ✈️



Feature Image: Warner Bros