What is love, actually?

What is love? Does love exist? Am I in love? With myself? Srsly just had an existential crisis and got srsly deep about what love is. So let's all take a deep and extremely cringe breath and... here goes. Love is:


Asking how their day went and actually caring about the answer


Waking up and getting excited about going out super early and buying them their favourite coffee


Worrying about them during any exam, interview or random event that has no direct consequence to your life


Kissing closed eyelids


Accidentally speaking to them in that stupid voice in public resulting in you questioning who you are as a person


then talking to them in that stupid voice again as soon you get home


Calling them 20 times in 2 minutes because they didn't pick up and having no shame


Getting pissed off because they didn't answer their phone and later finding out they had literally just gone to the loo


Choosing which house you'd buy on any new street you walk down


Making a whole Sims house and family exactly as you picture your future life with them


Choosing which house you'd buy from the window of every Estate Agents you walk past


Knowing their favourite juice


Knowing their favourite sandwich


Knowing their favourite crisp


Not even questioning whether it's 'cool' to text first


Knowing their favourite Disney character



automatically wiping anything off their face without asking their permission first


Not letting them get through a single story because anytime they mention someone of the opposite sex you question everything


Who? Who's that? From where? WHy? Show me their facebook.


Seeing someone flirting with them and being like mwhahhahahhhahaha mine


Loving them so much you put up with being a hot, sweaty, sleepless mess just for the few cute cuddle moments at the start of the night


Buying them loads of food when they're sick and then eating most of it yourself


Thinking about them a lot, like too much, like can't concentrate on daily life if something's going on with them


Gyming or running suddenly becoming fun with them



Going to a museum suddenly becoming fun with them


Sitting in a dark room by yourselves with no tv, phone, laptop or food suddenly becoming fun with them


giving up after 10 minutes of any run/museum/sitting in the dark and agreeing to go and get coffee and cake


Because love makes you weak-willed and weak at the knees, but it also makes you strong AF cause you know someone's always got your back. And you've got theirs. 100%. Literally, to the death 💜



Feature Image: Studio Canal