We found the guys with the quirkiest names on Badoo and asked them what they meant

Tom, Dick, Harry, and then every now and again there's a 'Fufu' and a 'Night'. It baffles and bemuses us when we come across these strange mystery men on Badoo. Is it the cool new thing to do on dating apps that we don't know about? Is this the new mating call of the modern man? Who knows? But what we do know (now that we have asked) is what these names mean...


When they are just legitimately shortening their name


When 'dnb' becomes your new favourite thing in the world


When you might just have matched with a real life celeb 


When they totally misread the bit where it said to fill in 'name'


But they change it as soon as you let them know


When you aren't quite a 'g'


When they're acting all distant


When you learn something new everyday


When you really hope this is also a misunderstanding


And just cause Chris from Love Island went on Badoo that time and it was incredible


It's pretty cool to chat to people about all their weird and quirky ways. While it's nice to meet up with the people who aren't called 'Daddy', finding out more about random people is always great 😁 And when there's 350 million users on Badoo, there's always someone around to talk to 💜 

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