It's International Go Topless Day 🕺🕺🕺

It's International Go Topless Day on 26th! Nothing will ever top this day! This day is top notch! We take off our top hats to this day! Here at Srsly we are celebrating both International Go Topless Day and Women's Equality Day on August 26th with an array of some tip top topless moments and female empowerment moments in general 👙 #FreeTheNipple #FreeTheWorld #LoveEveryNipple #EveryTimeYouWearATopaNippleDies #WhereIsTheBoobEmoji 🍳🍳  


The day is about gender equality but let's also not forget about dogs


And not that we would every forget the Vamps but


Throwback to the OG of Oh-em-gee nipples


And when Pink asked us all to Try This


When malala got into oxford


And When Hermione got into Hogwarts


When Queen Bey showed off her bey-beys


Princess Leia, always


When women marched in London


And men did too 

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And, finally, when even a squeak makes a sound

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Well, that was nice. No matter if you go topless, braless, sock-less or croc-less, enjoy Go Topless day and Women's Equality Day in whatever way you like (we like equality) xoxo


Feature Image: Calendar Girls/Touchstone Pictures