This is why Badoo is the only wingman you need at uni

To quote your parents, these are meant to be 'the best years of your life'. So, why do you so often find yourself sitting on an overly-squashed sofa, flicking between the latest episode of Come Dine With Me and Police Interceptors, with only the sound of your housemate having violent sex upstairs to remind yourself that you are not alone? 

Stop avoiding the crusty stains of old dominoes 🍕 and start finding new people to split Two for Tuesdays with instead. Get out there. Meet people. Chat, flirt, f-. You can even do it from the comfort of your crusty sofa if you want to! That's because there is a glorious app that can sort you right out and turn your uni slumber into the actual best years of your life 💪

Here's why Badoo is the best wingman you'll ever have...💜


You will never have to pay for a first date again


Student loans, that new but old looking vintage ski jacket, K cider. There are many, many things students have to invest in these days. But, dating app Badoo is giving out a helping hand as the first ever dating app to introduce video dating. That means you don't need to waste any 💸 on a sh*t first date. Now you can be fully prepped on whether there's a spark and whether they actually look as fit as their filtered selfies imply before spending the dolla. 


You can find something hilarious to send to your new halls' group chat


There's also a feature on Badoo where you can find and share lookalikes of thousands of celebrities and then date them. Or... you could find your own lookalikes, your friends' lookalikes or even your fit lecturer's lookalikes 😆 Sharing your findings is a First Class ice breaker.

Find your own lookalikes here. 


You can avoid ever having to do another walk of shame 

Badoo's got this feature called 'People Nearby' so you can spot who's about before you head off wearing the lower half of the toga you wore to your Classics Society social which you will never go to again.  


You can actually talk to that fittie you've been spotting in your lecture hall

With 'People Nearby' you can also find and talk to people you pass by but don't quite manage to chat up in person - whether it's the tall guy who always stumbles into lectures late, or the girl in the shin pads who always heads off super fast at the end. 


You can actually get out of the uni bubble

There's no need to settle for the overly-enthusiastic dancer in the middle of the sweaty mosh pit in the cheesy club you go to night after night. Avoid the flailing arms and talk to people first instead. On Badoo guys can only send two messages unless they get a reply, and there's a selfie request button girls can use so you can always make sure they are just what you fancy rather than who you accidentally face plant 🤦 'Cause you won't find a paper cut survivor called 'Night' in your halls. 


You can find a date for tour

There's no need to leave it to chance whether you meet a sweet Señor/Señorita on tour this year. You can just change your location settings for free on Badoo and chat up anyone from around the world at the touch of a button 🌍


You can find someone who you can finally share two for Tuesdays with

On Badoo you can see people's interest in their bio so you no longer have to question their opinions on the things that matter like whether they enjoy pizza 🙇🙇🙇


You'll get loads of ideas for what your 'fun fact about yourself' can be from everyone's bios as well  


For when you can think of literally zero fun facts and begin to doubt yourself as a human 😳 


And, most importantly, You can make sure you always make a great first impression

Rather than hanging out your arse in your activewear on the way to the gym solely to use the shower there because your flatmate is refusing to turn on the hot water... Instead, show an array of perfectly posed pics in your Badoo bio which you can link to your #livingyourbestlife Insta account as well 🤳 

Why go through uni unprepared for the harsh realities of campus life when you've got a free and ready-made wingman on your side? On Badoo you can be open to all the opportunities uni brings without the price tag or the pressure 😅 'Cause no-one wants to get with that guy who's been round your entire friendship group or pine after your professor for three years 🌲 F*ck that, get a Chris Pine lookalike instead 👏👏👏


If you want to try Badoo download it for free here. 



Feature Image: Twentieth Century Fox