This is why sweat is the new sex 💪

Hands up who's had sex with their personal trainer?

Ok, maybe that's just me. But, hands up who wants to and it's a whole different weighted ball game 🙌 Everyone knows fitness has become part of daily life in some form or another. Whether it's a walk to work, a hardcore weights sesh or just following @madeleychloe on Insta cause her body is cray. But, no-one ever really guessed that the place full of sweat and suffering would actually become a post-work decompress chamber where friendships form and possibly more... Here's why 🤸


You meet people with a similar mindsex


The gym is the one place where you will always meet people on the same page, with the same goals and possibly even the same fave spot at the back of your body pump class (awks). This means you are like 87%* more likely to be compatible than with the randomer you meet on the tube or in Pret. *based on the scientific thoughts of my mind


You gain a lot of body confidence 

The Victoria Angels say they feel their best after a sweaty boxing class and, thanks to Karlie Kloss and Khloe K, we do too. The endorphins, the glow, the repeatedley promised 'afterburn'... While our baby hair is defying gravity and there are about four distinct wet patches in areas we didn't even know could sweat, we feel f*cking fabulous. It's kind of ironic that after working out it's not actually about what you look like. It's the confidence and happiness you gain post-gym that suddenly makes you so much more attractive to others (and yourself).


Everybody's doing it

We are currently being called generation Love Island - the generation that will happily spend £9 on a PB shake following their £20 Barry's Bootcamp class/torture chamber. In Love Island they had an outdoor gym to display their wares and work on them. In everyday life, there are the 24 hours gyms, the corporate memberships and the crazy classes 🥊 but either way, everyone's there and there's where everyone's at.


But there's also lots of new faces

The good thing is, it's not just people in their 20's. Older people are also getting into the fitness thing, as well as people with different jobs and different backgrounds. It's a cool place to branch out from the same old 20 somethings you see at the pub and great if you've got a thing for older guys/women (who doesn't?) Plus, they're still likely to work or live in the same area as you and therefore easy access... for drinks 🍻


And the likelihood is they're single


What comes post break-up or shitty day at work and pre drinks, new sex partner and the inevitable deliveroo you will get this weekend? Gym. 


There are really obvious 'signs' that they're into you

The guy starts going to the cardio class they usually have zero interest in. The girl starts lifting weights despite usually only caring about losing it. They become a regular and their gym routine begins to match yours perfectly. They start wearing hot workout clothes. They start positioning their mat near yours and help you pack away your hand weights. They pull off their gym top at the end of their workout, and, if they're really keen, they'll offer to train you. 

Just don't mistake the buzz and endorphins for love. You could find it in the gym, but you could also just find friendship... etc 😉

Also the TRX ropes look kinda like whips. 


Feature Image: Instagram/louise.thompson