10 reasons why a zoo keeper's life is actual couple goals

Zoo Keepers. Sounds like the coolest job in the world, right? They must be living it up, Madagascar style, serving steak to lions and p*ssing about with penguins, yeah? Wrong. There's a twitter hashtag #ZooKeeperProblems that have brought to light the very strange goings on of a zoo keeper's life and why this job is one that has got to have your total love and affection... and that's why it's #couplegoals


1. You get cute little gifts every day


2. Your efforts to look nice always get noticed


3. They make you feel hot and tanned even when you're not


4. You deal with their sh*t no questions asked


5. Literally


6. You get protective when people try and flirt with them 


7. And you just learn to let things go 


8. When you just can't get them out of your head


9. When every day is I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Chill


10. And when you know you're in way too deep


Hacuna Matata means no worries, but in the zoo there are lots of worries. Luckily Zoo Keepers have enough love to get through them all 🙇 #ZooKeeperProblems #CoupleGoals


Feature Image: Jersey Films