Travel gal: 48 hours in Jersey

Jersey. A place that many people (ok, just me) think is somewhere down near Cornwall when in actual fact it is a real life plane ride away somewhere near France. Though, to be fair, the plane journey time is only about 4 Enrique Iglesias songs... So it turns out Jersey is so much more than a tax haven that had once been occupied by the Nazis and someone called Bergerac. It's kind of a little bit of actual heaven, far enough from England to count as a 'proper' holiday, but close enough that you can go for a single weekend and feel like you've barely had to travel at all...


You can't really go wrong when there's beaches like these


Did you know? The island literally doubles in size twice a day when the tide goes in. 


Catch rays, not feelings ☀️



We recommend Watersplash as your base by the beach (for wine)



Plus, there's mini golf and surfing lessons 



And if you're really going for it, you've gotta do a Parish bar crawl...



There are 12 Parishes, so that's 12 pints...



That's if you actually make it and don't bail after 10 to get the last bus...



And if you're not crawling, you should be walking through the beautiful fields full of beautiful cows



Just mind out for the fast cars and the... toads



And don't mind standing for hours in front of the most amazing sunset...


To the cutest island in the world, thanks for a great trip :)