15 ridiculously cool date ideas that will guarantee success

First date, 10th date, 5 year anniversary (do they even exist?) whatever you are doing, the following dates are sure to impress 💜 Why Netflix and chill when you can lick edible alcoholic bubbles? Whether you're after animals, adventure, good food, raunchy venues, drinks, drinks and, well, more drinks - this is a comprehensive list of the most ridiculously cool date ideas. Enjoy 😎


1. Hang out in a Treepod under the stars

With only owls and stars for company, could there be anything more romantic than a sustainable sphere hanging from a tree? Head to Lost Meadow in Cornwall to get high on love 🦉


2. Kayak as the sun sets and end up at a London pub

A Kayak for two followed by pizza and beer on Crate Brewery's beautiful boat? That's a bit of oar-right 🚣


3. Go to an adult version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory



With a sherbet wall, edible vapour orbs and alcoholic gum drops, it's sweet enough to sink your teeth into 🍬


4. Get sex lessons at Coco de Mer

With names like 'Playing the Flute', 'Entwined: the Art of Rope Bondage' and 'Pleasing the Petals', there's something for everyone at these salons hosted by Master Dominic, Miss England or one of the other sexperts. Find the spot at Coco De Mer's West London outlet 🏓


5. have afternoon tea on a bus



Enjoy the most adorable afternoon of your life on a bright red Routemaster bus with the B Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. Passing Notting Hill, Westminster Abbey and many other majestic London sites, you might even find something to distract you from gazing into their eyes 👀


6. Film and chill on Portobello Road

Want to go on dates but equally don't want to get out of bed? We feel you. The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road is perfect for a cozy, cuddly date where you lie in a bed and watch a film surrounded by cocktails and platters instead of the #basic popcorn and diet coke 🍿


7. Ice biscuits in Notting Hill

Head to Clapham to ice biscuits with your other half and feel like a domestic goddess in the 100% cotton aprons you get given - without any of the actual mess to clean up afterwards 🍪🍪🍪


8. Sleep with Lions at London Zoo

A two-course dinner, complimentary drink on arrival, tours and animal feedings after-hours, sleeping in the Land of Lions 🦁 and an English breakfast in the morning? Alpaca my bags!  


9. Drink in a sex shop at La Bodega Negra

Dark lighting, sexual decor, flirtatious waiters combined with the best mojitos and the largest nachos you've ever seen, this is the ultimate draanks night 🍹


10. Sip Prosecco while you paint at a secret location



Abstract, surreal, pop-art - just pick your type and head to the secret holborn location to enjoy painting, a DJ and Prosecco with one of your French girls 🎨


11. Have the pick of the bunch at Chelsea Physic Garden

Simply wander around the beautiful garden or drink wine and let love bloom at one of the supper talks. The Chelsea Physic Garden is a hidden gem in amongst the hustle and bustle of Chelsea 🌻


12. Get stretchy at sunrise with yoga and breakfast at the Sky Garden



36 floors up, go all Vinyasa with a yoga lesson as the sun rises followed by a buffet breakfast in a stella city garden. Yoganna love it 🙏


13. Go and see the world's longest standing erection

This ones for the adventurous couple - think long and hard before taking your date to The Last Tuesday Society's latest exhibit called 'IT' 🍆 Or head to the cracking museum and bar to grab a cocktail and pet a python with their more regular petting zoo nights 🐍


14. Make a crown for Beyonce at Drink, Shop, Do

Because if your date doesn't love Bey then they're probably not getting a lay. Crowns are free to make when you buy a drink... so we'll be making 6 then 👑👑👑👑👑👑


15. create your own pizza at Pizza Buzz



It's a self service kind of system so you can choose any kind of base toppings you want so your date will never be too fussy for this 😂 Get creative and impress with some faaahncy culinary choices like their focaccia base or a merguez sausage and fennel seed topping. We never sau-sage a perfect date 🍕🍕🍕


So there you have it, 15 fabulous date that would blow the cotton socks off anyone ✨ 'Cause sometimes it's great to surprise them with something out of the ordinary, to make them think you are kind of out of the ordinary too...


Good luck guys 😉



Feature Image: Instagram/jennananananananana