Finally a dating app that matches you with someone as lazy as you are!

I don’t know about you but the majority of people’s dating bios these days seem to be one big brag about how ‘adventurous’ and ‘outdoorsy’ they are. You know the type, their profile is usually teamed with photos of them trekking up mountains or completing a marathon... 

But what about the rest of us?

What if your bio consists of Netflix binges, pizza takeaways and going to the pub for a pint on a Sunday? Not everyone’s lifestyle consists of fitness and drinking green tea. Some of us are actually quite happy going to the cinema or brunching with friends consuming lots of Bloody Mary’s.

And what if you want to meet someone who shares your passion for reality TV rather than someone who likes hikes? If only there was an app that could match you with like-minded souls…Oh, wait, there is! Social app Huggle connects you with people who are just as lazy as you are! 

The app works by automatically checking you in to the places you go to and shows you everyone who goes there. You can either tap on your favourite haunt to discover who goes there or swipe through people who you have places in common with. If you find someone interesting you can either swipe right, send them a message or view their profile.

So if your lifestyle is spending the day in the pub or eating a roast dinner at your favourite restaurant - Huggle will connect you to like-minded souls who love the same things as you. 

Finally, no more annoying messages or meeting people who you don’t “click” with. Now you can match with similar individuals who share your interests and go to the places you go. It’s up you if you want to find dates, friends or both 😉

Download Huggle now, here



Feature image: Universal Pictures