11 reasons why downloading Badoo means you'll never have to walk through Hyde Park alone again

Your dress code might be vintage, but your dating game should never get old. Stop relying on offering out rollies in the hope that the girl in the green puffa jacket will give you a lock of her unwashed hair 💁‍♀️ Stop just standing by the bar nursing your third Red Stripe 🍺 hoping that fit guy will pounce after spotting your pink Nike Airs. Badoo is the one dating app that can sort out your love life at Leeds, read on to see how Badoo can find you the mozzarella sticks to your Maccies' and the Mixtape to your Hifi...


1. You can pick from their bios instead of their backpacks

Because how will you ever find The One when everyone looks the same?


2. You can meet that special someone without even going to Fruity Fridays First 

(Although we will never stop going to Fruity Fridays. Ever. Leeds 'til I die 💀)


3. You can swipe left on all the wannabe roadmen

...whose best line is always just coke.  


4. And bag yourself a Mr Darcy instead 



Because Badoo's got this cool feature called Lookalikes where you can literally search for any celebrity and find people who look like them 😂 or even upload a pic of your ex, his ex, your lecturer and date their lookalikes instead...


5. Or you could find a legitimate DJ to turn your tables 

Instead of Fergus from Dev whose rents got him decks for his gap year. 


6. You will find lots of these...


7. And plenty of these...


8. But absolutely none of these... 


Because Badoo's got the highest safety settings ever so you know anyone with the blue tick ✔️ is completely legit. Plus you can link your profile to your social #livingyourbestlife accounts so you can easily stalk their Insta and Fb to see if you've accidentally been chatting to someone from Bradford ☠️


9. You can check out who's at The Library before you decide on how much of an effort to make...

...into looking like you made no effort at all... 


10. You can check out the talent on the Alps before even checking in to the ski trip

Because on Badoo you can change your location settings to anywhere in the entire world without spending a 💸


11. And, finally, you can choose to chat with one of the 350 million people currently on Badoo

So you don't have to just shag your way through Charles Morris anymore. 


Download Badoo now to make this year at Leeds the best yet. Get high on love 💜 and let the post-sex sweat sparkle like glitter ✨💦✨💦



Feature Image: Leeds-list.com