7 things I wish I knew before going to uni


Starting university is a big deal for everyone. It’s an experience that you’re constantly told will become the ‘best years of your life’. If you’re soon to be joining university here is a list of things you should know before you go...


1. Make as many friends as you can

Whether you need help with an assignment or just someone to go out with, your social life is just as important as your education. You can never have too many friends - especially in your first year when you are likely to feel lonely. If you’re not keen on joining clubs, social apps like Huggle are a life saviour when it comes to finding friends or a date. Huggle connects you with people who go to the same places as you. It’s the perfect app to discover who hangs out at your SU or studies the same course as you!


2. Budget, budget, budget

It’s so easy to go and spend all of your student loan in one week but try to resist the urge. University is an expensive period of your life, so live as frugally as you can. Get an NUS card, save your pennies and don’t spend all of your money on alcohol. Thank us later.


3. Don’t leave your assignments to the last minute

As soon as you know you have an assignment, start it. It is true what they say, referencing does take forever, as does booking in a meeting with your lecturer, so don’t leave things to the last minute. Put the assignment deadline in your calendar and keep organised. Trust us, you will feel ten times better for completing it on time rather than staying up all night, drinking red bull. 


4. Learn to cook your favourite food

If your cooking skills only extend to making baked beans on toast, you may want to start learning right now. Buy as many cooking books as you can and ask mum for the recipe of your favourite homemade dish. It’s a lot cheaper to cook than to get a takeaway every night!


5. Get to know your lecturers

If your lecturer doesn’t know your first name make sure they do. Ask lots of questions and keep them on side. This will come in your favour if you ever need help with your assignments or when you’re studying for exams.


6. Invest in Berroca

You will almost certainly be hungover and you will almost certainly need this.  P.S to help you remember who you were flirting with whilst drunk, make sure you’ve downloaded Huggle before heading to the SU. The app will show you everyone who has checked-in, so that might help your hazy memory. Especially if you’ve forgotten their name already!


7. Remember to enjoy it

University will be gone in a flash and you will miss it. Yes - the debt, making new friends and studying is quite awkward but it’s a life experience that you should look back on with fond memories. So enjoy yourself!



Feature Image: Starter for 10/Scion Films