7 ridiculously breathtaking places to take a date

So, your hilarious chat up line has finally been appreciated by a potential bae. What next? Where could be good enough to take your future spouse? What date venue could possibly meet the expectations of 'Do you like seafood, 'cause I've got crabs'? We've got a few ideas...


Have the pick of the bunch at Keukenhof Park, Holland 




Treat them like a Queen at Versailles, France


Blow them away in a hot air balloon in cappadocia, Turkey


Get high with monks at PAro Taktsang, Bhutan


Go all starry-eyed camping under the Northern Lights in Iceland


Be the Sam to her Rosie at hobbiton, New Zealand 


Introduce the perfect person to perfection in Santorini, Greece

Never be stuck for a date idea again (just maybe a little stuck for cash).