Every Halloween costume girls will ever wear according to their age

In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it. Let us take you through the srsly slutty stages of every girl's Halloween outfits, 'cause if you don't have a pair of slutty cat ears on hand as back up are you even a girl tho? 


Age 7-13: 'Bin Liner Witch'

giphy (12).gif

You wear some form of outfit made out of black bin bags and have a witches hat which comes with silver hair attached that in no way looks as though it could be growing from your head


AGE 14: 'You are a goth and every day is Halloween'

You are going through a stage. It is difficult for your parents to deal with


Age 15: 'Anything From Ann Summers'

giphy (16).gif

For some reason Ann Summers allow you and your friends to try on corset after corset until one manages to fit if you wear two bras underneath, you then add some form of animal ears to make it acceptable


Age 16: 'Sexy Cat'


You buy the ears from Primark and wear your black swimming costume 'cause you can't afford a leotard


Age 17: 'Sexy Mouse'


Because you saw Mean Girls and want to tell people you are a mouse, duh


Age 18: 'Sexy Cat'

giphy (11).gif

Because you still have the ears and the outfit looks even sluttier now you are taller


Age 19: 'Keen Fresher'

giphy (9).gif

When you're a first year at uni costumes are everything. But literally everything because you have little else to apply your brainpower to except coming up with the most OTT outfit you can. You never put in this much effort again


Age 20: 'Pop-art'

You are young and experimental and also still have lots and lots of time on your hands


Age 22: 'Ironic Third Year'

giphy (10).gif

You are too old for Halloween and judge the freshers for their keenness, you opt for an understated look that you let everyone know was purchased from Oxfam


Age 23: 'Sexy Cat again'


No job, broke as shit, cat ears come back, snm


Age 24: 'Pyjamas'

giphy (17).gif

You have started your first job and are far too tired to go out on a weekday. You would rather buy many, many sweets for Trick or Treaters and then 'forget' to put a pumpkin out and casually turn off your hall light so you have to eat them all yourself


Age 25: 'wait it was yesterday?'

Halloween comes around too quickly this year and you literally don't even notice it is happening


Age 26: 'Hoe'

giphy (14).gif

You reach a mid-twenties crisis and have an existential moment where you feel the need to take up all available hoe-ing opportunities because you will soon be old and dead. Fuck the animal ears, you are now pure hoe


Age 27: 'Scary AF'


You are done with this slutty bullshit. You and your friends decide to bring the real Halloween back and go out for a real Halloween night out somewhere in Shoreditch where things are real. You turn up and your friends are all sexy cats


Whatever your plans for Halloween this year - whether it's sitting at home with a bowl of Heros not answering the door to anyone apart from your deliveroo man, Nigel, or dressing like a hoe and having an underwhelming snog on the journey home with a less-than-chiselled Legolas, enjoy yourselves! Be safe and sexy #Always #HalloweenHoe xoxo